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Formatting documents and images to upload for disputes
Formatting documents and images to upload for disputes

Evidence specifications and requirements needed to make the best case

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Before sending your response, make sure that any text or images are clear and large.

While you can zoom in on your electronic documents, the card issuer won’t be able to do so. The card issuer won’t consider any evidence that’s too small to transmit clearly, so it’s better to have large, full-page images than try to fit too many on one page.

  • Only PDF, JPEG, or PNG file types are accepted (no audio or video files are accepted)

  • The combined file size can’t be more than 5MB

  • The combined page count must be less than 50 pages

  • Only one file can be added for each evidence category — combine multiple files into a single file before submitting with tools such as Acrobat Pro (desktop) or Combine PDF (online)

  • You can compress your files with tools such as Acrobat Pro (desktop) or Smallpdf (online)

When submitting documents or images as evidence, use the following recommendations to make sure they can remain legible:

  • Use a 12 point font or larger

  • Make sure that documents are US Letter or A4 size, in portrait orientation (you can still add screenshots to your documents in landscape orientation)

  • Use bold text, callouts, or arrows to draw attention to pertinent information

  • Avoid using color highlighting

When uploading screenshots:

  • Crop the screenshot to the area of interest and circle any key components (for example, delivery confirmation or signature)

  • Use the text fields in the dispute evidence form to describe what the image contains and how it supports your response

The card issuer will consider a response incomplete and won’t review it if it contains any illegible text or data.

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