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How can I set up Email Forwarding?
How can I set up Email Forwarding?

Here's how you can customize what emails get sent to which members of your team.

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If you want to always be included on some communications (such as payments made) but not see all messages sent from your clients, you can set up Email Forwarding in your employee's inboxes. This will mean that only certain emails are forwarded, and others are left out of your inbox.

Here's an example using Gmail:

First, click the Gear icon and then See All Settings.

From here, select "Filters and Blocked Addresses". Then, "Create a new filter"

You can add in who the email is from, the subject, has the words - anything you'd like to filter your emails. For this example, we'll add a subject to filter all successful payments.

Clicking "Create filter" will show you next options on what to do when there's a match for this filter.

Now, all emails with this filter will be automatically forwarded to another email address!

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