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How can I report on Stripe's fees?
How can I report on Stripe's fees?

Here's how you can view a quick breakdown of the fees charged by Stripe.

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To quickly view fees paid by you on payments or transfers and fees paid by your client, head to your Client Activity report.

You can add a date filter and view the "Analysis" on the right side of your screen to easily see the fees your 'Client Paid' or 'You Paid' for that time frame. Additionally, you can add a "Method" filter to see fees paid on Credit Cards or ACH Transactions.

If you pass Stripe's fees to your client, you will still a total for the $0.25 Transfer Fee paid by you - Stripe's Transfer Fee is assessed when money is transferred into your bank account as an Outbound Transfer. You only pay this fee once per outbound transfer, and will be charged at maximum once per day. This is the only fee that cannot be passed to your client.

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