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How can I download my Payout Journal?
How can I download my Payout Journal?
Here's how to see if payouts have been transferred to your bank account, how much was transferred, and when they were transferred.
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Head over to your Reports tab.

Select "Payout Journal" from the list of Accounting Reports.

On the left side of the screen, select the time period for which you would like to view the report and then if you would like to see it broken by day, month, or year. Press "Run Report".

To see the details of a Payout, click the "+" next to the Payout ID number.

From here, you can see the status of the transfer, net transferred, expected arrival date, the payments included in the payout, and more.

To see even more detail, press the "+" symbols next to the payments and refunds that were a part of that payout.

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