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What should I do if my client cancels or withdraws their dispute?
What should I do if my client cancels or withdraws their dispute?

Learn what to do when a client withdraws/cancels their dispute.

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Goodshuffle does not decide who wins or loses a dispute. We work with you to compile evidence and submit it to the proper financial partners and card issuers.

A withdrawn dispute occurs when your client has asked their card issuer to cancel the dispute. This does not mean the dispute is immediately won. The dispute may still resolve in a loss if you do not submit evidence. Additionally, a withdrawn dispute does not resolve in a win or loss more quickly - the typical time frame for a dispute decision is 60-75 days.

Even if a client decides to withdraw a dispute, you should still submit all evidence before the submission deadline. Many banks/card providers view a lack of evidence as an acceptance of liability on your part. It would be helpful to ask your client for a withdrawal confirmation email or screenshot to include with your evidence. Evidence can only be submitted once - to view the best kinds of evidence to submit, please review our Dispute Resource Hub.

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