Countering 'Credit Not Processed' disputes

Preparing evidence to submit to the banks for review

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Goodshuffle does not decide who wins or loses a dispute. We work with you to compile evidence and submit it to the proper financial partners and card issuers.

Reason for Dispute

With these types of disputes the customer claims that the purchased product was returned or the transaction was otherwise canceled, but you haven’t yet provided a refund or credit.

How to respond

The first thing you should do is contact your customer. If you understand what their complaint is, you might be able to explain the misunderstanding or resolve it. If you’re able to resolve the issue with your customer, you can ask that they withdraw the dispute and make sure to get it in writing.

Required to overturn dispute

Demonstrate that you’ve issued a refund to your customer through other means or that they aren’t entitled to one. You can’t issue one while a payment is being disputed. If you believe that they were entitled to a refund that you didn’t provide, you can accept the dispute.

In addition to the following evidence, your submission should include correspondence with the cardholder saying they would withdraw the dispute, and a written statement from their card issuer confirming that the dispute has been withdrawn.

Types of Evidence

  • Refund Policy: Your refund policy, as shown or provided to the customer.

  • Refund Policy Disclosure: An explanation of how and when the customer was shown or provided your refund policy prior to purchase. If the client signed the contract online, you can use the timestamp and IP address found in the Logs of the project as relevant evidence.

  • Refund Refusal Explanation: Your explanation for why the customer is not entitled to a refund.

Submitting Evidence

You can submit evidence by locating the dispute record on the project and clicking the "Submit Evidence" button. This will take you to a dedicated page where you will fill out the available form fields and attach any files you have. Review our Formatting Files article for best practices.

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