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Why am I not seeing a 'Match' for my Deposits in QuickBooks Online?
Why am I not seeing a 'Match' for my Deposits in QuickBooks Online?

Here's why you may not be seeing a 'Match' in your bank feed within QuickBooks Online

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External Bank Account

When setting up the QuickBooks Online Integration with Goodshuffle Pro, you have the option of selecting which of your connected banks/accounts you've integrated with QuickBooks Online you want the Transfers/Deposits from Goodshuffle Pro to ‘land’ in.

Let’s say you have a Chase and a Capitol One bank account connected with QuickBooks Online.

You receive the money from your payouts to your Chase account.

However, the Capitol One bank account was selected in the Integration settings.

This means in your Bank Feed in QuickBooks Online, your Chase account will recognize that they received a payout (from Stripe/GSP), but it won’t be able to find the ‘Match’ as the Transfer/Deposit record landed in their Capitol One bank.

This can be easily remedied for transactions moving forward by updating the selected bank account from the Integration Settings.

Existing Transfers would need to be adjusted manually within QuickBooks Online.


Some accounts within QuickBooks Online have pre-existing 'Rules' that are automatically 'categorizing' Transfers/Deposits in your account.

Transfers/Deposits should always be 'Matched' in your bank feed.

Rules can be adjusted within your QuickBooks Online account.

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