QuickBooks Online Integration FAQ

Here are common questions (and solutions!) when working in QuickBooks Online.

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Do I need to purchase a subscription with QuickBooks Online, along with the Integration with Goodshuffle Pro?

Yes. You will need an active subscription with QuickBooks Online (of any level) along with purchasing Goodshuffle Pro's QuickBooks Online Integration. Our QuickBooks Online Integration is a separate subscription we offer from within Goodshuffle Pro.

I received an email to reauthorize my QuickBooks Online Integration, what do I do?

You can quickly reauthorize this integration from your Integrations Tab in Goodshuffle Pro.

Why aren't my Deposits matching up with the Deposit Record from my Bank?

In your Integration Settings, please confirm the External Bank Account is set to the bank account you have connected with QuickBooks Online.

Why aren't my Invoices connecting with the Tax Center in QuickBooks Online?

Goodshuffle Pro will not connect with the Tax Center in QuickBooks Online.

Invoices in QuickBooks Online can only support one tax per item/ per invoice. Many of the States our users operate in require charging multiple taxes on a single item or on an entire invoice. For example, a drink machine may require Sales Tax, Rental Tax, and Food & Beverage Tax.

With that in mind, you can run a detailed tax report within Goodshuffle Pro. You can learn more here.

A project isn't syncing with QuickBooks Online.

Be default, the QuickBooks Online Integration will only automatically sync projects created and signed and payments made after the integration was activated.

Said another way: existing projects will not automatically sync with QuickBooks Online.

How can I manually sync a project with QuickBooks Online?

I'm a Canadian Vendor, and it's still not syncing.

I'm still getting an error.

A payment isn't syncing with QuickBooks Online.

This likely means the Offline Payment was made before the integration was activated, and was set to not sync with QuickBooks Online.

How can I manually sync a payment with QuickBooks Online?

It's still not syncing.

A Transfer isn't Syncing with QuickBooks Online.

If you're seeing red text when viewing the transfer Details (Article) that states the transaction has already been deposited...

Check within QuickBooks Online to see if a Deposit was already created for those payments.

If so, that is blocking the transfer from creating a Deposit in QuickBooks Online, as it thinks the payments are already deposited.

Please delete that Deposit, and re-sync the Deposit from Goodshuffle Pro.

I did that, it's still not syncing.

How can I quickly find the Invoice for a Project in QuickBooks Online?

Why are my Offline Payments still in Undeposited Funds in QuickBooks Online?

How can I Match Deposits to the Deposit Record from my Bank?

What happens when I mark a project as Lost in Goodshuffle Pro?

How can I change the Revenue Accounts used in QuickBooks Online?

How can I make the Revenue Accounts created by Goodshuffle Pro feed into my existing Revenue Accounts?

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