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How can I connect with QuickBooks Online?
How can I connect with QuickBooks Online?

Here's how you can connect Goodshuffle Pro with QuickBooks Online.

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First, head to your Integrations Tab.
Then, select to connect with QuickBooks Online

Next, select which QuickBooks Online Account you'd like to connect with.

Finally, click to Connect.

Excellent! Now let's set up a few final settings.

First, you can import your contacts from QuickBooks Online to Goodshuffle Pro.

Next, select how you want your data to be sync'd.

I'd suggest toggling this first option, so your QuickBooks invoice numbers match the Goodshuffle Pro Project number.

The options below that are asking if you'd like to break out your revenue accounts by Sales office or by Item Subcategory.
You can learn more here.

Then, you can select which date you want your invoices to show on your invoices in QuickBooks.
Logistics Start will be the first date of your event.
Contract Signature will be the date your client signed the contract.

**Very Important Step Below**

Head to your Integration Settings and scroll to the bottom of your screen.

After, make sure you select the correct External Bank Account

Finally, click to save this configuration.

Learn more about the QBO integration here.

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