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Collect Payment Over the Phone or In Person
Collect Payment Over the Phone or In Person

Track or capture payments made by cash, check, or via a credit card given over the phone.

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If your client doesn’t use our integrated online credit card or e-check system sent out via email with the contract, you can still capture or record their payment in Goodshuffle Pro via the “Billing” tab of the project.

Capturing a Credit Card Through Goodshuffle Pro

If they’re paying by credit card and you’d like to use our integrated system (powered by Stripe) select “Capture Payment”. You can simply charge a credit card immediately by entering the amount and the details of their credit card. 

However, if you’d like us to automatically charge the client when their payments for this project are due, click “Add Card for Auto-Pay”. This method means you don’t have to set a reminder for when it’s time to charge the client. If the contract is Net 30, we’ll charge them 30 days after the event. If it’s 50% deposit with 50% due at the event, we’ll charge half now and half on the event date. 

Recording an Offline Payment

You can also record a payment that was made offline for tracking purposes. If someone hands you cash or check, or you use another point of sale to process their credit card, select the “Record Offline Payment” button. Indicate the payment method, amount paid, and any notes such check number or person who handed you cash. Click “Save Payment Record”.

For a quick review of the different ways to accept and record payments through Goodshuffle Pro, check out the video below.

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