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Saved and Previously Used Credit Cards
Saved and Previously Used Credit Cards

How to save client credit cards and when you can use them. Additional information about previously used cards/payment methods.

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Payments just got easier with Goodshuffle Pro! Now, in addition to unlocking the magic of online payments, we’re happy to announce that we support the ability to save cards to a client and re-charge an existing card within a project. 

Your first thought is probably, “that’s great!” and then it’s probably, “what’s the difference?!” So let’s break the two down and then we’ll show you how both can be achieved.


Goodshuffle Pro never stores credit card information on our servers. All of these features are provided by, our payment gateway. So even though we say we’re ‘Saving the card’ we’re really just granting access via their PCI Compliant API. 

Always make sure you have client approval to charge both Saved Cards and/or Previously Used Cards. Manual payments do not use client authorization and, as a result, are subject to dispute — including chargebacks, which incur a fee.

Saved Card vs. Previously Used Method

A ‘Saved Card’ is a payment method that was saved to the client’s account when a payment was processed. Either you or the client will have to select to ‘opt in’ to enable this feature, but once enabled it allows you to charge this card on any project that has a signed contract from this client.

A “Previously Used Method’ is a payment method that has already been charged on a project and is only available for use on that project. This is the new default behavior of Goodshuffle Pro’s payment processing logic, so anytime you or your client adds a payment method, that card will be available for additional charges (e.g. damages) via the ‘Capture Payment’ panel. 

Saved Cards

A ‘Saved Card’ is a payment method that has been saved to a contact’s account and is available for payment processing across all projects where that contact is the client.

Saving A Card As A Client (Best Option!)

When a client makes a payment online, they will see a checkbox to ‘Keep this card on file with [Your Company Name]’ like below:

When checked they are agreeing to the following statement:

This will then process the payment and store the information in their contact account. More on that in the ‘Accessing and Using Saved Cards’ section below.

Saving A Card As A Vendor

Note: You should only do this if you have documentation of the client’s permission

As the vendor, you have two ways of saving a card to a contact. The most common way will be when you’re processing that card. At the bottom of the credit card form you will see a checkbox stating ‘Save card to contact’ like the one below:

Another way to save a card to a contact's account is to find a previously charged card (Project > Billing Tab > Payments Section) that is not already on file and selecting ‘Save Card to Contact’ from the options menu:

When a card is saved (either by you or the client) two things will happen:

First, you will now see a that payment method under the ‘Saved Credit Cards’ section in the ‘Billing’ tab of the contact’s account detail panel

This is also where you can remove cards (using the red trash can) if you no longer want to have them on file, or they have expired.

Second, you will be able to use this payment method from the Capture Payment panel on a project for this client. Just click capture payment, enter an amount, and click ‘Saved Cards’ to see the list of saved cards.

Who Can Charge Saved Cards?

Sales Users are able to save a card to a contact and use it on that specific project. However, Admins (the account owners) are the only ones who can charge a saved card on new projects.

Previously Used Methods

A “Previously Used Method’ is a payment method that has already been charged on a project and is only available for use on that project.

Accessing and Using Previously Used Methods

To process a charge using a Previously Used Method, access the ‘Capture Payment’ panel just as you normally would and, if there are any Previously Used Methods available, they will show up in the drop-down like you see below.

If you need help navigating the ways of Saved Cards and Previously Used Methods, please send us a message via the chat window!

If you’d like a quick refresher on the different ways to accept and record payments in Goodshuffle Pro, check out the video below.

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