What’s a Seat vs. a Teammate?

What's the difference of adding/removing seats vs. adding/removing teammates? What do you do if an employee quits or gets fired?

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There is a difference in Goodshuffle Pro between a “Seat” and a “Teammate.” The seat is the license you pay a fee for, while the teammate is the person who fills that seat. The reason we make this distinction is to allow you to remove a teammate and replace that seat with someone else. For example, if you always have at least 2 drivers/installers, but you have a decent amount of turnover, you can still save 10% by buying those 2 Crew User seats at the annual rate, but can swap in and out folks based on seasonality/turnover. 

Remember, your core account always comes with 1 Admin Seat and 1 Crew Seat.

To remove or add seats or teammates, read this article

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