Add Additional Fields to Contracts

How to add a day of contact and client-facing & internal only notes

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In each project there are two additional contract fields below the Project Info and Business/Org on the left side of the contract view:

  • Day-of Contact

  • Notes

Day-of Contact

Click “Add Day of Contact” to add a day-of contact for the event. This is just an on-site contact person and is not the person that the contract will be sent to.

Fill out contact details, then click “Save” to add them.


Click “Add Notes” to add two types of notes to the contract:

  • External Notes:  These notes are visible to clients and display on the contract. (e.g., Birthday bash will feel like an upscale backyard bbq. Festive and patriotic, yet classy.)

  • Internal Notes: These notes are hidden from clients and do not display on contracts, but do display on internal documents such as pull sheets, schedule, and fulfillment tab. (e.g., Client wants red, white, and blue elements to be evenly distributed. Avoid color clumping.) 

Fill out note details, then click “Save” to add them.

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