File Permissions (Upload & Tagging)

This article explains which users can upload, edit, delete, and tag files

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Sales Users 

Sales Users are able to upload, add, edit, & delete files from all projects.  They're also able to tag files to any client, location and project.

Crew Users 

Crew Users are able to upload files to the main file repository as well as upload files directly to a project (which tags the file to the project).  They're also able to tag files they upload to clients, locations and projects.  Finally, Crew Users are only able to edit or delete files they've uploaded.

Contracts & Client Attached Files

Signed contracts auto-generated by the system are only visible by Sales Users.  Further, any attachments a client sends while responding to messages are automatically attached to the Project (and tagged to that client), however, those files are also only visible to Sales Users.

Tagging Files

Tagging files allows you to quickly find files by business, client, venue or project. Sales Users are able to tag any file to any client, project, or location. Crew Users are only able to tag files they uploaded to projects they're assigned to.

Here's a quick screenshot of what the search filter options look like in the Files section of Goodshuffle Pro.

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