There are four main user types in Goodshuffle Pro:

  • Account Owners/Admins

  • Full Users

  • Limited Users

  • Unlimited Read Only Users

You can learn more about what each level can do below, but here's a quick summary:

  • Account Owners/Admins: Full access to the system. They can access all financial and banking information on the account. Note: The Account Owner doesn't need to be the owner of the company, just a representative for your Goodshuffle Pro account. These users can create projects, inventory, and communicate with clients.

  • Full Users: Essentially your 'Salespeople'. Can create quotes and communicate with clients, but cannot access account settings or banking information. Full Users can be upgraded to Admins at no extra cost.

  • Limited Users: Essentially your 'Warehouse Crew'. Can only see the 'back end' of a project, and no access to financial information. Limited Users need to be added to jobs in order to see them, but can be set to be auto-added or view all projects. Limited Users cannot create or edit inventory, but this can be adjusted at no extra cost.

  • Unlimited Read Only Users: Your DJs, Entertainers, drivers, etc. These users cannot take action on a project, and can only see the 'back end' of a project.

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