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How can I store event photos for my projects?
How can I store event photos for my projects?

Here's how you can use Files to save any event photos or documentation for future use.

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Imagine you just completed another a beautiful, home run event.
Wouldn't it be great to store photos or blueprints for this event for future reference?

From the project, click the 'Files' tab.
Pro Tip: This will also be where all versions of the contract are stored.

Next, click to 'Add Files' to the project.

Then, either drag and drop (or upload through browsing) your files. Some examples could be: photos from the successful event for future promotions, blueprints of beautiful arrangements that wowed the client, PDFs of documents signed outside of Goodshuffle Pro, and more!

After you upload the files, they'll be automatically tagged to the Project.
You can tag the photos to the client and company (to remember their preferences), or to the Venue (to remember how you set something up, or looks in the space)

These tagged files will show up as 'Suggested Files' after you add the client, company, or venue to your future projects.

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