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This article breaks down how Goodshuffle Pro's billing is setup and when payments need to be made.

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How Is It Setup?

There are a total of 3 separate services that Goodshuffle Pro offers and charges for. The first is the base amount which is just the monthly cost of using GS Pro. The second is QuickBooks integration. This cost is only applied if you are integrating QuickBooks Online with our software. And lastly there is a charge per additional user (Sales or Crew). The base amount includes one Sales User and one Crew User. These three services are charged separately but can all be charged on the same day. 

Getting Billed All On The Same Day

In order to be billed for the base amount, all additional users and QuickBooks integration (if it applies to you), then you will want to set up all these services during your trial period. This is because Goodshuffle Pro typically charges for additional users on the date that the first additional user was created. If you create an additional user during the trial period, then the charge for the additional user will default to the date of the first payment after the trial period. Then every additional user created after the trial period will be charged along with the first additional user's charge. 

Additional Users: 

Two users are included with the base amount of Goodshuffle Pro. This is one Sales User and one Crew User. Every additional user is then an extra charge per month. The way the additional users are billed is prorated from the date the first additional user is added. 

An example would be if I get billed for my base account on July 1st. Then I add an additional user on July 15th, I will always be billed for all additional users on the 15th and they'll be pro-rated for the number of users that participated that month. So I will be charged on the 1st for anything that was set up during the trial period. Then charged on the 15th (in this case) for any users I setup after the trial. 

The way prorated billing works for Goodshuffle Pro, is the amount of time the users used in a month is rolled into the the upcoming billing amount. If you remove a user mid-month, the "unused time" from that month is subtracted from the next month's bill. 

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