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When will I be billed for my Goodshuffle Pro accounts? What's the difference between core, annual, and monthly accounts?
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To edit your subscriptions, go to Account > Subscription. Here you can add/remove Seats and Teammates, change your credit card, or deactivate your account. 

This is also where you can view your annual and monthly billing cycles. There are three ways that you can be billed for Goodshuffle Pro:

  1. Your Core Account (1 Account Owner and 1 Limited User). This account is charged either monthly or annually (depending on your selection). If you select monthly, it’ll be charged every month on that same date. It won’t auto-sync to the date of other monthly users, as you’ll read more about below.

  2. Annual Accounts. These users will always be charged on the day you activated that account. It’ll be charged the full amount for the year on this day annually.

  3. Monthly Accounts (minus your Core Account). All users (Limited and Full) added after your core account will be synced to bill on the same day each month. This prevents your card being charged multiple various dates throughout the month. For example, if you add a Limited User on January 1, then a Full User on January 15th, You’ll be charged for both on February 1 but the Full User will be prorated (credited) for the 16 days they weren’t using Goodshuffle Pro.

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