Adding and Managing Set Asides

Learn what a Set Aside is and how to add, resolve, and manage one. See how to add a Set Aside quantity back to inventory or remove it.

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What is a Set Aside?

Set Asides are items that you want to temporarily place in a "Do Not Rent" category. These are often items that are damaged or missing, need maintenance or cleaning, etc. Creating a Set Aside within a project helps you track who might be responsible, should a client or employee require follow-up actions. You can also create a Set Aside from your inventory view.

When resolving a Set Aside you can either 'Return to Inventory' making the quantity you specify available for rent, or you can 'Delete from Inventory' in which case you state that the quantity is no longer offered.

Add a Set Aside

Navigate to 'Inventory' and select the three blue dots beneath the 'Actions' column of the item you desire to Set Aside.

Add the quantity you want to Set Aside as well as a description.
The description box is a good place to describe what happened to the items and what action needs to be taken.

Managing/Resolving a Set Aside

To resolve a Set Aside, select the three blue dots on the right of the item beneath the 'Actions' column and choose "Resolve Set Aside". 

If an amount of the product is permanently damaged, you may want to select 'Remove from inventory' and enter the quantity. However, if you have repaired a certain amount of the product you should select 'back to inventory' and enter the quantity.

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