How can I track consumable items?

Here's how you can utilize Set Asides to keep an accurate count of Consumable items in your inventory.

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If you use or sell consumable items (such as popcorn kernels, photo booth paper, or chalk for a chalkboard sign), you're able to track the quantity of those items right in Goodshuffle Pro as they're used.

Start by entering in the consumable item you'll be tracking using Standard Add. When adding the Quantity, enter in the current quantity you have on hand and ensure "Track Quantity" is checked.

This tells Goodshuffle Pro how many items you currently have, and when it should flag a conflict when you're running short on inventory. (Article)

As these consumable items are used on your orders, you'll be able to mark the item as "Set Aside" once it is used. This will take your items out of stock until you buy more.

As an example, let's say I bring two popcorn kernel bags with me to every job. On a particular job, I only used one bag. In fulfillment, I can mark this item as "Set Aside", effectively marking one as used/consumed. Under the "Check-In" tab when viewing Fulfillment, I can click "Add" next to my Popcorn Kernels.

This will open a "Create Set Aside" page, where I can mark the amount I used along with notes or a description. Once added, click "Save Set Aside"

I now know that I only have 14 bags left in stock. Once I run out of kernels, I'll see a conflict appear next to the item on a project. This will alert me that I am currently short and need to buy more.

After my shipment of kernels comes in, I can resolve the set-aside - telling Goodshuffle Pro I've got a fresh batch in stock!

To resolve a set-aside, head to the Inventory tab and search for the consumable product you purchased more of. Click the three dots to the right of the item and then click "Resolve Set Aside".

Then, enter in the amount you purchased - this will mean you have this quantity to sell/use.

Want to learn more about Set Asides? Click Here.

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