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Issuing a Refund For an Online Payment
Issuing a Refund For an Online Payment

How to issue a refund for an online payment

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Issuing a refund

Navigate to your desired Project and select "Issue Refund". You will also see options to Record Offline Payment or Capture Payment.

Refunding the client, but not wanting them to have a balance due after refunding them?

First, apply a Discount Service to the order (with tax).

Then, you'll see the project as 'Overpaid'. This'll give you the appropriate number to refund the client - and avoid overpaying on tax!

Enter the amount to refund, select the Origin, and if you're refunding an Online payment method where your client paid the fees, you'll be able to select if you'd like to refund these fees, too. Note: If you choose to refund your client the processing fees, you are then paying the fees for their payment.

You can learn more about refunds and Stripe's Fees here (Article).

You will see the changes made on the Billing page under Online Payments.

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