If you notice there is an outstanding balance or credit after your client has signed your contract and provided payment, it is mist likely caused by an additional change in the contract. In other words, a client could have added or gotten rid of an item after signing and paying.

For example: lets say a client paid for your contract a week ago but realized they will need additional tables for more guests. The client will now owe you extra money for the change.

The status bar will turn red identifying there are Unassigned Changes. You will see the amount owed due to unassigned changed in the Billing section.

What do I do?

There are a couple methods you can use to fix this issue

Method 1: Arrange an offline payment with the client. You may collect the money in any form you and the client decide on and record the offline payment in Goodshuffle.

Method 2: Provide the client with a refund or store credit (if items/services were removed). 

To learn the difference between a refund and account credit click here.

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