Issuing a refund

If you are looking to provide a client with direct money back for a transaction, you would issue them a refund. Unlike an account credit, the money would process back to the used credit card.
This is a good option to use when you want to provide money back but a client no longer owes you any future money. 

Giving an account credit

If you are looking to provide a client with compensation and the client still has an owed balance, this would be a good option. This option allows the client to have their refund applied to the balance they owe.

To do this, navigate to Billing>Issue Refund in your desired project.

Select the transaction you are looking to refund and then check the box that allows the refund to be used as an account credit.

If you want to initiate a normal refund, do not check this box.

Select "Process Refund" when complete.

The changes can be viewed in the "Payments" section.

If applied as a store credit, the amount will be considered an offline payment made.

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