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How can I charge a flat rate for delivery based on location?
How can I charge a flat rate for delivery based on location?

Here's how you can set specific delivery rates based on location.

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When you're creating your Delivery Service from your Inventory, you can add Flat Rates based on City, State, or Zip.

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As a note, delivery rates based on location will override your default delivery rates.

Let's take a look at a particular use case. Say you want to charge a delivery fee that applies after a specific mileage (e.g. a $375.00 flat fee plus $2.00 per mile after 20 miles).

You can do this by setting a specific rate for any county/zip code within 20 miles of your warehouse or home base. All other locations, without a specific rate, will default to the $375+$2/mile!

For example, if my warehouse is located in Carmel, CA, then I would add in a flat rate of $375.00 for cities within a 20-mile radius. This ensures that $375.00 is added as the delivery fee when any of these locations are added to a project. If I add a location outside of the 20-mile radius, my delivery fee will default to $375+$2/mile.

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