1099-K Tax Form For Your Business

Outlines the process to receive your Form 1099-K from our partner, Stripe.com

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As a Third-Party Settlement Organization (TPSO) federal law requires Goodshuffle, Inc to submit form 1099-K’s to vendors who meet certain criteria. To submit these 1099-K forms we use Stripe.com (our payment gateway) to make this process as simple for you as possible.

Why is a Form 1099-K needed?

Goodshuffle Pro supports the processing of credit and debit card transactions for our vendors and that requires a Form 1099-K to be submitted to the IRS annually for every vendor that meets certain criteria.

Note: The information Stripe provides to the IRS only includes payment volume captured within Stripe. Payments captured via ACH or cash/check (AKA 'Offline Payments') will not be included in the volume reported by Stripe.

You can find out more information regarding form 1099-K on Stripe's website (1099 K sections only) or on the IRS’s own website.

Do you meet the filing criteria?

As a TPSO, Goodshuffle, Inc is required to file a form 1099-K when reporting payments to a vendor that exceeds USD 20,000 and 200 (online) transactions for the calendar year. (Source)

Do I need to do anything?

Stripe automatically determines who needs to file a form 1099-K and — once Goodshuffle has provided our information — an automated process will mail out the necessary forms to every account owner that meets the filing criteria.


If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact us at [email protected].

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