Why isn't my image uploading?

Here are a few things to check if you're experiencing issues uploading images.

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First, check the file type. For best results, please use JPEG/PNG/PDF/GIF/HEIC file type.

Next, check the file size. The file size limit in Goodshuffle Pro is 8MB.

If it's larger, you can try and compress it using something like https://compressjpeg.com/

Then, make sure you're using Goodshuffle Pro in Google Chrome. If photos are taking a long time to upload, clear your cache and browser history.

If issues persist, please try uploading the image in a different way (Drag and drop, Copy/Paste, or Browse for the Image). You can learn more here.

Finally, if you need a hand, please reach out to us in the chat in the bottom right.

To ensure we can look into this as quick as possible, please include:

  • The image itself

  • The image type

  • The image size

  • Which item/where you were trying to upload it (On a custom item on a project, on an inventory item, on a package, etc).

  • How you were uploading it (Drag and drop, etc).

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