First, check the file type. For best results, please use JPEG/PNG/PDF/GIF file type.

Next, check the file size. The file size limit in Goodshuffle Pro is 8MB.

If it's larger, you can try and compress it using something like

Then, make sure you're using Goodshuffle Pro in Google Chrome. If photos are taking a long time to upload, clear your cache and browser history.

If issues persist, please try uploading the image in a different way (Drag and drop, Copy/Paste, or Browse for the Image). You can learn more here.

Finally, if you need a hand, please reach out to us in the chat in the bottom right.

To ensure we can look into this as quick as possible, please include:

  • The image itself
  • The image type
  • The image size
  • Which item/where you were trying to upload it (On a custom item on a project, on an inventory item, on a package, etc).
  • How you were uploading it (Drag and drop, etc).

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