Images on Quotes, Invoices & Pull Sheets

How to get item images to appear on printed materials and online interactive views.

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You’ve certainly heard the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” by now, but more importantly you know that images help you sell. Use the steps below to customize how YOU want to use images: internally, externally, a mix of both… the choice is yours.

Image usage in Goodshuffle Pro

Images are available in a number of places to help you achieve the goals you’re looking for:

Client Facing Usage

  • Quotes, invoices, and receipt of goods

  • When viewing quotes and invoices online, clients can launch an image gallery!

  • Online images will also display in the Marketplace and the Wishlist Integration.

Internal Usage

  • Pull sheets

  • *Currently images do not show up on the printed schedule artifact

Enabling photos

Currently you will have to enable images to get them to appear on the materials mentioned above — giving you time to gather the right photos. You can do so at the account level under Account > Settings which will apply these settings to all contracts by default.

You can also leave these off, and turn them on, project by project, basis via the contract settings panel.

Image types and sizes

Currently images are limited to JPGs, PNGs, PDFs, and GIFs and are capped at a 8MB file size. Try to use files that are at least 760px wide and everything is based on the 16x9 aspect ratio.

Images on Quotes, Invoices, Receipt of Goods & Services, Pull Sheets, etc

By default, the 'Primary Image" for both inventory items and custom items are the ones that show up on all printed materials (when they're enabled). We highly recommend making your primary photo a clear image of the item to bring clarity to both your clients and team members.

Image Galleries (online only)

Adding more than one photo to inventory items or custom items will really augment the client’s experience as they can launch the gallery view when looking at quotes and invoices online. These can be used to show close-ups of fabric, show an item in a set, or for contextual examples of how you’ve used them in the past. If you add a caption, it will show up right below the image providing even more opportunity to sell and get creative!

Inventory Images vs Custom Item Images

Since many contracts are comprised of both inventory and custom items, there are some differences between how the two handle images.

Inventory images are added/edited via the edit item panel, and will be automatically updated on all contract where images are enabled. Every image added to an inventory item will appear in the image gallery, and the image marked as ‘Primary’ will appear on all printed materials. If you need to add/edit images for inventory items, do so from the inventory section of Goodshuffle Pro.

Custom items also support images. Just click the photo icon found in the ‘edit line item’ screen and upload from there. The first one uploaded will automatically be the ‘Primary Image’ and we have built in additional controls for adding an image caption or editing the image itself.

Image Issues

If your images not showing up or displaying properly, check out this help article.

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