This article will show you how to add product photos to generate for fulfillment only and allow the product to still be listed on your client's quote.

Before a Project is signed you can directly hide any photo on your project by hiding the inventory photos in your Project settings.

In your Project, you will want to click on the gear to edit the settings for this project.

Then, you can select to show or hide Inventory Photos on just that project.

You can then add any items in Fulfillment and choose for them to display in the Project.

By clicking the blue circle in Fulfillment you can add items either from your inventory or create custom items for just this job.

Reminder: Anything that the client has seen will be marked by a 'lock' symbol, meaning you cannot edit or remove it from Fulfillment.

Once you add your product in Fulfillment it is automatically hidden on your contract. To make sure it is listed in your Contract you need to head back to the Contract and click on "Show on Contract". The products will be listed on the Contract without pictures and the Fulfillment view will still have all the pictures listed.

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