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How to Use the Photo Editor for Creating Photo Galleries
How to Use the Photo Editor for Creating Photo Galleries

Best tips for uploading inventory photos to Goodshuffle Pro. These interactive galleries are a great addition to the Website Wishlist!

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Goodshuffle Pro offers a variety of tools for perfecting your inventory photos. Size, crop, and edit your photos to your liking, and then put them on display for all your clients to see!

Then, click on it. You'll immediately see a large blue area where you can either drag and drop an image or select a file from your computer. Click on the pencil icon in the top right-hand corner.

From here, you'll navigate to the 'Images' tab in the top center of the screen. You'll then either drag and drop your photo(s), or select one from the files on your computer.

Add as many photos as you want. You'll probably want to showcase your inventory in a variety of settings so that your clients can picture your pieces at their own events! Select the pencil icon in the bottom of whichever photo you want to edit.

Now, you'll crop your photo.

Next, explore all the editing options you have (these are located on the left-hand side)! You can add a pre-set filter, edit features such as brightness, saturation, and contrast, and even paint the photo with brushstrokes.

Once you've made all the edits you want, click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the screen. When the next window pops up, click 'Save & Continue' or 'Save & Close' located at the bottom of the screen, depending on the next steps you want to take.

And voila! You've edited your photo and are on your way to building the most enticing gallery of your inventory to display for your clients.

Have trouble uploading your photos? Here are some things to check for:

  • The maximum file size is 8MB, so your file should be this size or smaller

  • Files must be saved and uploaded in JPG, PNG, PDF, or GIF format

  • If photos are taking a long time to upload, clear your cache and browser history

  • Make sure you're using Goodshuffle Pro in Google Chrome

You can check out this article as well. As always, please message us in the blue chat bubble if you need further assistance!

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