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How do I show or hide Item Attributes on a contract?
How do I show or hide Item Attributes on a contract?

Do you want to simplify a contract for a client? You can remove the item attributes and solely show the item names.

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Are you trying to hide inventory item attributes (such as height, length, or color) from your contracts?

To hide or show inventory items on a specific contract, click on the gear symbol in the top right corner of your project, and uncheck Show Item Attributes under Contract Settings.

Keep in mind, you can also do this per item! So, you may want to hide height/length on a speaker, but not a tent.

Note: Changes made in the contract settings only affect the project/contract you’re working on. To make changes to settings that will apply to all contracts, visit your account settings.

Uncheck this box to hide item attributes from the client on all future contracts.

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