How can I swap the Account Owner on my account?
Here's how you can swap who the Account Owner is on your Goodshuffle Pro Subscription with another teammate.
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Before we dive into how to change the Account Owner, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Only the current Account Owner can make the change.

  • Account Owners will have full access to your account's banking and financial information.

  • If you are the current Account Owner, you will no longer have access to Account Owner reports and functions after you change the account owner. You can learn more about what the different user permissions are here.

  • You will 'swap' seats with whoever you identify as the new Account Owner. Said another way: If you're in an Annual seat, and you identify a Monthly Full User to be the new Account Owner, that user will take your Annual Seat, and you'll take their Monthly seat.

  • The change will happen immediately. As soon as you make the change, you will no longer have access to Account Owner settings & reports.

  • Wanting to change the Account Owner to someone outside of your organization? Learn more here (Article).

Some additional best practices:

  • Book a Coaching Session for both you and the new owners (Link)

To avoid any potential delays with 1099 reporting from Payment Processor, Stripe, please also provide a member of our team with:

  • The date the ownership or legal entity changed hands

  • A mailing address and phone number for the original owner

  • A TIN for the original owner

To change the Account Owner on your account to an existing user on your subscription:

  • First, head to your Subscriptions page (Link).

  • Then, click the three dots next to the user you'd like to make the new Account Owner.

  • Next, select 'Make Account Owner'.

  • Finally, confirm the request, and you'll see the change in your view right away.

Pro tip: Once you make the change, we strongly suggest the new Account Owner completes Stripe's 'Know Your Client Verification' by updating the information in Update Identity Verification Information

Click here for more on why Stripe is asking for more account owner information?

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