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How can I maximize my Goodshuffle Pro account security?
How can I maximize my Goodshuffle Pro account security?

Here's how you can enable 2-Factor Authentication (also known as 2FA, Multi Factor Authentication, MFA) on your account.

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2-Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA, is an added layer of protection that can be used to ensure the security of your Goodshuffle Pro account - over and above that of your username and password. It requires an extra form of authentication (such as a randomly generated number, or backup code) to log in. To learn more on why 2FA is so important, you can check out this article.

To enable 2FA on your account, you'll first want to download an Authenticator app to your mobile device - we recommend Google Authenticator (Android download or Apple iPhone download).

Once downloaded, head to your Goodshuffle Pro "My Account" page.

From here, click on "Enroll in 2FA"

You'll be taken to a 2FA enrollment page. Take out your Mobile Device, and scan the QR code with your chosen Authenticator app.

We recommend signing in on a Desktop or Tablet and using your Mobile Device with your authenticator app.

Once scanned, your Authenticator app will generate a 6 digit code.

Enter this code on your Computer - you'll then be taken to a Recovery Code screen.

*****We strongly recommend you save this code - it can only be used once. If lost, you will not gain access to your account until your Account Owner generates a new code for you.*****

Once you click Recovery Code Saved, you'll see that 2FA has been successfully enabled on your account!

The next time you log in, you'll be prompted again to enter in a 6-Digit code from your Authenticator app. Simply open the app and enter your code to gain access to your account.

Are you the account owner, and want to require your team to enroll in 2FA? Click here.

Want to stay logged in for 30 days on your computer, without needing to enter in your 2FA code? Click here.

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