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Why Can't I Edit Items in Fulfillment?
Why Can't I Edit Items in Fulfillment?

Here's why you're unable to make changes to all items in fulfillment.

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Once a contract is in a “Signed” state (indicated in green), all of the items are pushed into “Fulfillment”.

Items in Fulfillment marked by "lock symbols",

indicate they are either visible to the client or will affect the price of a package, and won’t be able to be edited or removed from Fulfillment. These items must be changed on the contract and may require a new signature.

Any item that was not visible to the client on the contract and will not affect the price can be changed in Fulfillment by either Full or Limited Users. You can edit these items by clicking the three dots next to any item, and selecting from the available options.

You can also add items via Fulfillment and they'll be added as hidden items. It's common to have things like tools or other additional items that are required for setup to be added via Fulfillment.

Please note: Adding to Fulfillment DOES NOT update the contract. Should the additional pricing need to be reflected, you will want to edit the signed contract. New and/or changed items will appear at the top, and a new signature will be required.

Items added to a signed contract will require a new signature. These items will not be pushed into Fulfillment unless a signature is received or the contract is marked as signed. In cases where you'll need them in Fulfillment prior to receiving a signature, you may push unsigned changes into Fulfillment.

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