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Pushing unsigned changes in contracts to Fulfillment before contract is signed
Pushing unsigned changes in contracts to Fulfillment before contract is signed

How to add items to the fulfillment component of a project so that Warehouse and fulfillment users can see the changes in real time.

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You may have noticed that items you add to a previously signed contract don't automatically push to Fulfillment. That's because it's common to be adding and subtracting stuff when a client calls "just to see how much it would cost if..." when really they will not sign off on these changes. Therefore, you don't want your team taking those things on a job if the client hasn't agreed to pay for them!

That said, there are plenty of instances when changes are happening last minute and you may want all changes to be reflected on the fulfillment tab.

One way to solve this, of course, is manually changing the project's status to "signed". However, we always encourage fetching a real client signature.

So.... you can leave the status as RED to remind you to eventually get that signature *but* still push all changes to fulfillment:

If there are unsigned changes in your project, locate the Status Box on the left hand side of the screen and activate the "Fulfillment Sync" button to "On". This will allow the rental items in the contract to be copied over to the "Fulfillment" section. 

Also, remember you can add items directly into Fulfillment if they aren't items you're charging the client for!! Just click the Fulfillment tab then select "Add" and choose to add either a custom item or an item from inventory.

Select the product, enter a quantity and logistics information, and press "Add Selected" to finalize the new product.

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