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How can I change all of the dates on my project at the same time?
How can I change all of the dates on my project at the same time?

Here's how you can adjust all dates on your projects - from event date to hourly services and logistics!

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To change all dates on a project at the same time, you can click "More" to the top right of your project screen.

Then, select "Change Project Dates". A panel will open up with a few options to change your project dates.

  1. Choosing "Move all dates relative to Event Start Date" will shift all dates on your project (Line Item Group dates, hourly services, and logistics) relative to the new/changed event start date.

  2. Choosing "Copy/Paste" will allow you to copy dates from one area to another. For example, if your hourly services will match your logistics dates on the updated times, you can Copy and Paste these times.

  3. If your Line Item Group dates (article) shifted or were extended, you can choose "Recalculate Pricing" to recalculate your daily priced items.

    1. Want to update the contract's pricing to your current rates? Click here.

Once you've selected the new times for your project, click "Change Project Dates" to update all dates on your project at the same time.

Need to adjust only a single Line Item Group? Click here.

Need to duplicate your project instead? Click here.

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