How Can I Duplicate a Project?

Duplicating a project to create a new one with the same/similar information

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Duplicating a project is useful when you want to create another event for the same client with the same inventory or venue. You can also easily shift all of the dates and times on the project while duplicating. Here's how:

To duplicate a project, open the project itself and select the "more" icon.

In the provided drop-down menu select "Duplicate Project"

The option to change some or all of your project dates will appear, ensuring you can accurately duplicate your project with the correct dates for your new event. Here are the options you'll have:

  1. Choosing "Move all dates relative to Event Start Date" will shift all dates on your project (Line Item Group dates, hourly services, and logistics) relative to the event start date. If your duplicated event will have similar delivery times and services on the new date, this is a helpful option!

  2. Choosing "Copy/Paste" will allow you to copy dates from one area to another. For example, if your hourly services will match your logistics dates on the new event you can "copy" and then "paste" those times.

  3. You can choose to update your pricing to the current inventory rates.

  4. If your Line Item Group dates (article) shifted or were extended, you can choose "Recalculate Pricing" to recalculate your daily priced items.

Once you've selected your new dates/times, click "Duplicate Project" and voila - your duplicated project with updated times is ready to get sent and signed for your repeat event.

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