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What can I view in the Finances tab?
What can I view in the Finances tab?

View all company & client activity (such as payments and outbound transfers) in one place

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Under your Finances tab, you're able to see an overview of funds sent to your bank account, Client activity (such as payments made) and your Company activity (such as Transfers sent to your bank account). You can also view reports such as the tax report and Due Balances.


  1. Financial Account (Applies to U.S. vendors only): Recent payments made will initially be sent to your Stripe balance, i.e. your Financial Account. Once these funds clear, they will be transferred to your external bank account - this is typically within 1-2 business days for credit card transactions.

  2. Available Funds: Funds currently available in your Financial Account

  3. Pending Available: Funds that will be available in the next 1-2 business days

  4. In-Transit to External Account: Transfers in-transit to your connected bank account

  5. Connected Bank Account

  6. Transferred This Year: The total amount transferred to your external account this year.

Client Activity Summary

Client Activity organizes all of your client's financial history with your business. The Finances overview gives you a quick snapshot of this information.

You can filter by a specific time frame compared to a previous time frame for a glance into your month-over-month or week-over-week sales.

Due Balances

View a snapshot of your Due Balances, filterable by Sales Lead. You can quickly see your top 5 overdue contacts and companies.

Client Activity

Client Activity (formerly your Payment Journal) organizes all of your client's financial history with your business. Easily view Payments, Refunds, and Disputes, while filtering the data how you choose.

  1. Filters: Easily filter down your client activity to include only online or offline payments, refunds, or ACH vs CC transactions

  2. More Information: View all transaction details (such as the name on the card, the project it was processed on, and if it's been synced with QuickBooks Online) by expanding any transaction.

Company Activity

Company Activity organizes all of your credits and outbound transfers. Easily view when transactions are sent to your financial account, transferred to your bank, and which payments were included in each transfer.

  1. Filters: Easily filter down your company activity to include only received credit, outbound transfers, status, and a date range

  2. More Information: Expand any Received Credit to view all transactions associated

  3. Recent Client Activity: Includes any transactions associated with a received credit

  4. Type:

    1. Received Credit: Funds sent to your Stripe financial account from client transactions

    2. Received Debit: Funds transferred from your bank to your Stripe financial account

    3. Outbound Transfer: Deposits to your bank

    4. Inbound Transfer: Debits from your bank to cover a refund or dispute


View both your Due Balances and Tax Report. To learn more click the articles below!

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