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What do each of the Client Activity 'Statuses' mean?
What do each of the Client Activity 'Statuses' mean?

Here is more information about the different payment 'Statuses' and their meaning.

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There are 22 different types of payment 'Statuses' that may be shown under your Client Activity report.

Each 'Status' corresponds to an 'Activity Type'; you will only see certain payment statuses from the filter based on the 'Activity Type' (i.e. charge, refund, dispute, platform payment, platform debit).

For example, if you select 'Payment' under 'Activity Type', you'll only see payment statuses that payments can be in.

Activity Type -> 'Status'

  1. Payment

    1. Pending: any payment that has not yet been processed

    2. Charged: payments that have successfully processed

    3. Failed: payments that have failed

    4. Held: ACH payments where the deposit or deduction is pending until the funds have been processed

    5. Fully Refunded: payments that are refunded in full

    6. Partially Refunded: payments that are partially refunded, or not refunded in full

    7. Disputed: payments that are disputed by your client

    8. Partially Disputed: a portion of the payment was disputed by your client

    9. Refunded & Disputed: the payment was disputed and fully refunded

    10. Partially Refunded & Disputed: the full payment was partially disputed and those partial funds were refunded to your client

  2. Refund

    1. Succeeded: a refund was processed successfully and was sent to your client

    2. Failed: a refund failed to process and was not sent to your client

    3. Canceled: a refund that is canceled while processing, meaning it was not yet issued to your client

  3. Dispute

    1. Needs Response: disputed payments that require additional documentation from you

    2. Under Review: the issuing bank has received the dispute for the payment, including additional documentation, and is reviewing the information

    3. Under Review Warning: this means that the card issuer is considering the evidence you submitted and is deciding whether to escalate the dispute into a full chargeback

    4. Won: the issuing bank ruled in your favor and funds will return to you

    5. Lost: the issuing bank ruled in favor of your client; the funds from the payment will remain with your client

    6. Closed (Warning): this is often referred to as an inquiry that has been closed in your favor and does not require any further action

    7. Requires Action: additional steps are required from you to move through the dispute process

    8. Inquiry Warning: this refers to the card issuer considering whether to open an inquiry

  4. System Credit

    1. Complete: funds from payments were received

  5. System Debit

    1. Complete: funds were withdrawn from payments (e.g. Stripe Transfer Fee)

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