How can I edit the Colors on my Website Integration?

Here's how you can change the color of the some different components of your Website Integration site.

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First, head to your website's Custom CSS section (Article)

Below are the code snippets required to change various colors on your website. It's recommended to copy/paste the entire block of code into your CSS editor, and then change the colors as you see fit. It is not required to change all colors.

Note: If your website is using a specific color theme, you may need to add the following snippet to override your theme's color settings:


Change the Background color and Font color of the "Search" Button from the standard Black Background and White Font:

/* search button */
.gspro-o-search > .gspro-o-button {
/* this property changes the background color of the targetted element */
background: red !important;

/* this property changes the text color of the targetted element */
color: black !important;

Change the Background color of the "Filters" Button:

/* filter button */
.gspro-c-item-gallery__toggle-filters {
background: green !important;

Change the Background color of the "Categories" Button (only on mobile view):

/* category button - mobile only */
.gspro-c-item-gallery__toggle-category {
background: orange !important;

Change the Font color of the Categories and Subcategories:

/* category text color */
.gspro-o-category {
color: purple !important;

Change the Font color of the Number of items available in each Category and Subcategory:

/* category count badge text color */
.gspro-u-badge {
color: orange !important;

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