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How can I create saved views?
How can I create saved views?

Here is how you can bookmark specific filter combinations for viewing on your Inventory page or Projects list.

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Inventory filters will remain in the URL, allowing you to bookmark specific "Saved Views" for quick access to commonly used filter combinations on your Inventory page or Projects list.

Say you want to calculate the ROI for your tents (article). You can easily add the 'Gross Revenue' Custom Column and the 'Original Cost' Custom Attribute to your view, filter by Categories for 'Tents', and then bookmark that URL.

Follow the steps below to bookmark an inventory view using a Chrome Browser:

  1. Create a new bookmark folder for saved inventory views (or a name of your choosing)

    1. On your computer, open Chrome

    2. At the top right, select More ⋮ > Bookmarks and lists > Bookmark Manager

    3. At the top right, select More ⋮ > Add new folder

  2. Navigate back to your inventory view and click the '☆' icon located at the far right of the address bar

  3. Click 'Edit' to name the specific inventory view, then click 'Done'

Follow the same process to bookmark a Project list URL!

You can access this saved view by clicking on the new bookmark folder and selecting the specific view.

Note that Custom Columns are saved per user and not in a URL. Users can set specific Custom Columns in their inventory view, but can only bookmark a URL if a specific inventory filter or combinations of filters are included.

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