Once you send a client a contract, they’ll have the option to pay online via credit card or e-check. 

After payment is submitted, both you and your client will receive email confirmation. Additionally, you’ll see all the details surrounding the payment under the “Billing” tab of the contract. 

If they agreed to keep a card on file for autopay, there will be a check mark next to their outstanding balance and no further action will be required from you. If they did not, there will be no check mark by their remaining balance. Goodshuffle Pro will automatically email them on your behalf when the remaining balance is due with the option to pay through the system again. You’ll only need to take action if they do not pay and you receive the overdue alert (both via the system and via email). 

For a quick review of the different ways to accept and record payments with Goodshuffle Pro, check out the video below.

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