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Should I enter projects I already had before I got Goodshuffle Pro? What about handshake deals? (answer: Yes!)

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Even if you sign a contract, collect payment, and make changes to a pull sheet offline, you can still use Goodshuffle Pro to stay on track. 

If you create and sign a brand new project outside of or before having Goodshuffle Pro, simply create a new project and enter the information. This will ensure you are still tracking any inventory conflicts that may occur, and future billing that may be owed. 

For existing projects in the system, if a contract is signed offline, simply click “change status” in the status box, move to Quote Sent then Contract Signed. Next, upload a scanned copy of the signed contract to the Files tab of the project, for the ability to later reference. Of course, if any hand-written changes occurred on the contract, be sure to update in Goodshuffle Pro so that your inventory is properly recorded.

For Billing, be sure to see our notes on how to capture payment or record an offline payment under the Billing Tab. This will ensure you are still noting what payments are due or overdue.

Any other offline artifacts such as changed pull sheets, email exchanges made outside the system, or photos of damaged items ought to be uploaded to the Files tab for your permanent records. 

Also looking to turn off any payment-due notifications for previously created projects you're tracking? You can turn off payment notifications in the project settings.

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