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Tracking Client Interaction with your Quotes & Contracts
Tracking Client Interaction with your Quotes & Contracts

Are you curious when customers are opening your quotes and how often?

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You spent all that time understanding your clients' needs and putting together a beautiful quote and now it's time to send it off for signature.  After clicking the "Send to Client" button, the first place you can go to keep track of things is inside the project chat side panel.

Click the "Messages" button while viewing an individual project to open the chat panel.

Once you're there you'll notice a timestamp indicating when you sent the message and off to the right a counter keeping track of how many recipients have confirmed successful email delivery.  

Side note: Our system receives direct confirmation from target e-mail servers when an e-mail is successfully delivered.  So if you see a "Delivered" status with a timestamp next to it, we know with 100% confidence that it's in their inbox.  Even more, we keep track of the last time the user opened your e-mail.  This is a good way to gauge client interest if you see them recently engaging with your email.

Client Online Interaction

Another way to stay on top of your clients' engagement is to look at the last time they viewed your quote online.  Simply go to the Activity Log section of a project and look for a green icon indicating client activity!

Vendor IP Exclusion List

In order to prevent your own computer, mobile devices, etc from accidentally triggering these client-logged actions, our system dynamically builds a list of IP addresses associated with your company.  Any time you access the system while logged into your vendor account, the IP address will be added to this list.  If you see an IP address that shouldn't be included, simply click "Remove".

And... that's it!

It's that easy and we hope these simple tools help you better gauge your clients' engagement with your quotes and help you close deals faster!

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