Customizing your project list is a simple, yet powerful way to manipulate project data. You can add filters and customize the columns to help you answer questions, understand trends, and (most importantly) take actions where they’re needed.

If you have experience with products like Google AdWords or Facebook Campaigns then this will be familiar to you. If not, no problem! This (like all things in Goodshuffle Pro) is built to be very easy to use.

Getting Started

Visit the Project List page and you’ll notice there is a ‘Customize Column’ button in the top right next to your Sales Status filters. Clicking this will launch the Customize Columns dialog box.

On the left hand side you will see a list of column attributes that you can add and remove. Checking an attribute will make it appear on the right along with the entire list of ‘active’ columns. Use the ‘X’ to remove an attribute from the ‘active’ list, and drag and drop each tile to order the columns to your preference (top to bottom=left to right)!

These column and order preferences will automatically save as a user preference, so they will appear this way until you make another change.

Sorting and Filtering Your Project List

Now that you have your project list showing the columns you’re most interested in, you can use the filters on the left to filter this data to specific credentials (e.g. date range, employee, status, and more). You can also sort a column by clicking the “▼” down arrow on a particular column. The sort sequence is: 

  • Start: no sort

  • Click 1: sort ascending

  • Click 2: sort descending

  • Click 3: no sort

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