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Here's how to sort and filter your columns on your project list

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Customizing your project list is a simple, yet powerful way to organize your day-to-day operations. You can add filters and customize the columns to help easily answer questions, track payments, view logistics, and (most importantly) take actions when and where needed.

Getting Started

From your Project List you’ll select the ‘Edit Columns' button at the top right.

You will have a few categories to choose from, each with a list of attributes you may include. For example, you may want to see Billing Status and Amount Due from 'Billing', Logistics Start and End from 'Fulfillment', and Client's Name from 'Client Info'.

You can drag and drop the order to your liking. Each user can set up their own personalized view depending on day-to-day tasks and needs.

Sorting and Filtering Your Project List

Once your view is all set, you can use the filters on the left to sort your projects (e.g. date range, employee, billing status, and more). You can also sort a column by clicking the “▼” down arrow at the top of a particular column.

Want to download your project list as a report, you can do so by filtering out the projects you need, Bulk Downloading them as an excel sheet with your selected columns.

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