From your project list, first ensure you're viewing 'All Projects'.

Then select to show just your projects with deliveries.

Next, add in your date range using the Specific Dates filter.

Then, add in your required Custom Columns (For example, Logistics Start, Contract Total/ Tax, etc).

After, filter your projects by your desired stats (all, just signed, etc).

Now select these projects and download them to an excel document.

Let's clean up this document (FYI, I'm using Google Sheets, as I find this the easiest to use)

Remove the top two rows. We won't be needing those.

Next, freeze the top row. This will make it easy as you scroll through this list.

Then, let's sort this project by Logistics Start to order from the earliest project to the latest.

First, select the column with Logistics Start.
Then, select to format that column as a Date.

Next, select all the document.

Then, select to sort this range.

Finally, sort this range by Logistics Start Date.

This will then show you all projects, from the earliest project to the most recent, with your requested columns.

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