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How to view payments received last year for projects this year.
How to view payments received last year for projects this year.

Here's how you can sort your payment journal by logistics start date.

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First, head over to your Finances tab in Goodshuffle Pro, and look for your Client Activity report.

Adjust the "date range" to your preferences (such as this entire year).

Press "Export". This will send the report to your email- head to your email and open the spreadsheet in either Excel or Google Sheets.

We are now going to filter out payments for projects occurring this year. To do this, find column T, the logistics start date (hint: you will need to scroll to the right to find this).

We now want to remove any payments for events that will be occurring this year (in the example screenshot below, we have payments in 2021 we want to eliminate). Right-click on row 2.

Select "View more row actions".

Select "Freeze up to row 2" (this is to ensure we keep the logistics start at the top of the sheet as we are scrolling).

Now, head back to Column T. Click "format" in the control bar of the spreadsheet.

Under format, select "Number" and then "Date".

Hover over the top of Column T until the drop-down arrow appears. Click the drop-down arrow.

Select "Sort sheet A to Z".

You will now be able to clearly see which of your events that were paid for this year, but have a logistics start date of next year.

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