If you want to generate a report with sales numbers broken down by client or date...

First, set your Custom Columns. I'd suggest Client Name, Contract Total, and Logistics Start (so you can filter projects by date).

Next, select All projects. This way you'll see all projects on your account, even archived ones, on the report.

Then, download your project list.

With the downloaded list, open the document in Google Sheets (this is my preferred method!)

From here, let's create a Pivot table

First, add in the Rows of Client Name
Then, add the Value of Contract Total
After, filter the Client Name Row by the Sum of Contract total.

You'll see the sum of all projects for your clients, so you can quickly identify which of your clients have had the highest contracts.

Want to see this report broken down by month?

First ensure the Logistics Start column is operating as a Date.

First, select that column.

Next, select to format this column as a Date

Then, add the Logistics Start Date Column into the Pivot Table.

Getting an error?

No worries! This just means there are too many values at the moment for Google Sheets to handle.
Let's filter this down a little bit:
First, add a Filter to the Pivot Table

Filter by Logistics Start Date

Clear all the entries and just select one date from the list.

Now that you've got this one entry, right click on the date, click 'Create Pivot Date Group', then click 'Year - Month' (for example). This will narrow down the projects listed here by year and month.

Then, remove the filter from the pivot table.

Now you'll see a handy summary of contract values broken out month over month.

Pro tip: Click any of these values to see the projects that are being used to calculate these values.

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