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How can I see a quarter's expected revenue?
How can I see a quarter's expected revenue?

Here's how you can use you Project List and your Custom Columns to see the project totals for a quarter.

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Let's say you want to know the total value of your projects in the first quarter, starting in January.

First, head into your Project list
Then, click 'Specific Dates'
Next, add January 1 - March 31 (or the date range you'd like to use)

Now, with those filters applied, you can use the custom columns to add a 'Contract Total' and 'Quote Total' column.

Then, filter your project list (Article) by just your Action Needed and Signed Projects. This will ensure you're just seeing projects that are signed or projects that were signed and need a new signature.

Finally, you can hover over the Quote Total (this'll show you the most recent totals) or the Contract Totals (this'll show you the last signed/approved total)

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