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How can I calculate Sales Commission for my team?
How can I calculate Sales Commission for my team?

Here is how you can use your Projects List or the Client Activity Report to calculate Sales Commission for your team.

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How can I create a Sales Report based on 'Contracts Signed'?

To create a sales report to see how a particular teammate or sales lead is doing, you’ll first want to navigate to your Project List. Select your teammate from the “Team” section. You can also select dates if you’re looking at a particular time frame.

Next, make sure you have your 'Contract Total' visible in your Custom Columns.

If you base your Sales Commission on Products or Custom Items only, make sure you have your 'Product Subtotal (Signed)' and/or 'Custom Subtotal (Signed)' visible in your Custom Columns.

Next, click 'Signed' from the Project Status filters to display signed contracts only. You can then hover over the 'Contract Total' to view the total received in contracts signed. Don't forget to check 'Include archived projects' to account for all signed contracts within the period you selected.

You can view the total for 'Products Subtotal (Signed)' and 'Custom Subtotal (Signed)' by hovering over those Custom Columns as well.

Finally, “Bulk Download” the projects. Select the “Project List - Selected Columns” and whichever other reports you’d like. Click “Email File.”

As a note, this Sales Report will generate sales numbers based on the logistics start. You can change this filter by clicking 'Logistics Start' to the right of the 'Dates' filter on the left side of your Projects List.

You can also use the Sales Dashboard to calculate revenue. Learn more here.

How can I view a Sales Report based on when a payment is made?

The Client Activity Report, located in the Finances tab, provides a sales analysis that is based on when a payment was made, not on the event or logistics date.

The 'Summary' will tell you the total payments received in a given period. To create this analysis,

  1. Click on the Finances tab

  2. Select Client Activity

  3. Choose a Date Range

  4. Choose a Sales Lead

  5. Select 'Charged' from the 'Status' filter

  6. View the Client Activity Analysis on the right side of the report

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