First, add in your desired Custom Columns (Contract Subtotal and Event Start, for example) and set your Date Ranges (Article) on your Project List.

Then, select all these projects and download the project list (Article).

When you receive the email, open the list in Google Sheets (I find this the easiest!)

First thing you should do is ensure your Event Start Date is a 'Date' column.
You can ensure this is set up correctly by selecting the column and formatting the numbers to be 'Dates'.

Next, click anywhere in your sheet and click to 'Pivot' this table.

After, let's add in the Column for Event Start
Then, the Value of Contract Subtotal

Seeing too many dates? No problem, right click on one of the dates and select to 'Create Pivot Date Group' by Year-Month.

Seeing an empty column of dates? Filter it out!

Now you can see your month by month subtotals for all your projects by the Event Start

Want more detail? Double-Click into one of those 'Sum' Cells to see all the projects starting in that month.

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